20 Facts About Rough Collies

1.   Sheds heavily twice a year
2.   They must be kept well groomed to prevent matting.
3.   Can be vocal
4.   Excellent around other dogs
5.   Highly intelligent
6.   Sensitive
7.   Excellent with children
8.   Easy to train
9.   Nonaggressive
10. Good outdoor companions

11. Not likely to stray
12. Makes a good watch dog
13. Likes to be involved with the family
14. Protective
15. Generally healthy & long lived
16. Doesn't like loud noises
17. Sweet natured
18. Great family dog for a non-hectic family
19. Doesn't like very hot weather
20. Likes to herd

For more information about collies, here are some great sites and books I highly recommend checking out:


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