About Me

Hi, my name is "Shinrin" Sam. Bros I'm an artist, photographer and manga-ka. Ronin Yoshino is my original manga series. I like to draw manga, fantasy and pet art. I film and photograph pets, wildlife, nature and festivals.

Hobbies: drawing, photography, filming, birding, taiko drumming

Interests: anime, pets, collies, nature, wildlife, music, samurai, archeology, paleontology, mythology, dragons, festivals

My Shop         http://tatsushop.artfire.com
Facebook      http://facebook.com/tatsushop
YouTube         http://youtube.com/shinseimori


My first Rough Collie!

I contacted AKC local Collie Clubs and eventually found a good, reputable breeder very close to home! Carol Karalis and Elyvis Maldonado happened to have a puppy available! His name is Castle Hill Cafe Con Leche "Yuki"! He's dam is Clarion Lalique of Castle Hill "Lola" and his sire is Milas Absolute Latin "Carlos". Yuki is a white factored, tri factored sable rough collie.
DOB: 6/5/2011

Yuki is very playful, friendly, likes kids, smart and  loves his walks. I'll be blogging about my collie, adding pictures as he grows up & posting artwork.


Why I created this website.

I created this website because Rough Collies are one of my favorite breeds. After my dog Juno passed away (he was a Siberian Husky/Collie or Golden Retriever mix, a rescue), I really loved his traits & was hoping I can find a dog breed with similar temperament. We visited shelters but to no avail.

Juno was sweet natured, friendly, protective, non-aggressive, intelligent, sap, sensitive, loyal, gentle, alert, easy to train, polite other pets & people. He had such a wonderful personality & was always by my side. He lived over 17yrs!

I did a lot of research as the type of qualities I was looking for in a breed & I came across the Rough Collie. Their temperament sounded great & a good match for me. When I read that Rough Collies have generally good health, easy to train & lives about 12+ years, I knew this was the breed for me!


Please note: I am a fan of Rough Collies. I'm not an expert about the breed nor a vet, breeder, health expert or professional trainer.

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